Round Rainbow Moonstone and Sterling Silver Earrings

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The Rainbow Moonstone is such a beautiful stone and while it looks like a white mountain crystal, its movement causes the flash of a white-blue glow. Said to enhance intuition, provide protection & attract love, this is a cherished gem. Since Ancient times, Moonstone is connected to the magic of the moon and was used as an amulet of protection for travelers and a gift of lovers for passion. Glittering, hand cut rainbow moonstones and a floral sterling silver surround adds perfection to your look in this delicate earring set.


Crafted in Sterling Silver with glimmering Moonstones these Round Rainbow Moonstone and Sterling Silver Earrings add glamour to your fashion look. A simple stone with creamy fire, here’s a spark of beauty to give you the lift you need!

Rainbow Moonstone Filigree Earrings

Height: .5625 x Width: .50 inches

Material: Sterling Silver and Rainbow Moonstone

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