Starfish Sterling Silver Earrings

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When you wish upon a beach starfish, you know you are in your happy place.  Our Starfish Sterling Silver Earrings are the wish for blue skies, cool ocean breezes and warm beach sand. Wear this pair of dangle earrings and you are almost there!


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When a star falls from the heavens, it is said to become a starfish, waiting for an angel to take it home. These Starfish Sterling Silver Earrings are waiting for you! Enjoy the sparkle of this bright set!

Because where do you want to be right now? If you said beachside, you have our heart! And you can have a beautiful piece of sterling silver jewelry that is as close to ocean life as we can get you! Warm sand, gentle waves, and the best beach reminders are right here. In your favorite beach memories. And this jewelry reminder of toes in the sand. Pick your best look and breathe in the salt air. You are almost there!

Material: Sterling Silver
Width: 13/32 inches  Height: 1 1/32 inches

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