Carnelian Pendant & Earrings Set



Believed to mirror the sun’s energy, the Carnelian is a birthstone of July. This stone glows with such fiery beauty. Here is a complete set, warm stones shimmer against a cool sterling silver setting. Because you deserve it all, our Carnelian Pendant & Earrings Set is complete, with pendant and earrings. All it needs is you.


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Our Carnelian Pendant & Earrings Set is a wonder of nature! The rich fire of this stone is beautifully apparent, enhanced with the unique cut and the sterling silver setting. The matching set of earrings completes the look. Here’s all the warmth and glow you need. Now get out there and have fun!

Material: Sterling Silver and Carnelian
Dimensions: Pendant Length: .826″ x Width: .35″ • Earrings Length: 1.06″ x Width: .27″

Chain sold separately

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