Moroccan Traditional-Design Pottery Vase

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  • Moroccan Traditional-Design Pottery Vase
  • Made in Fes, Morocco
  • Material: Ceramic Pottery
  • Dimensions: Approximately 3.25 tall • 8.25 in circumference (wrapping a tape measure all the way around the middle)
  • See images with measurements shown
  • Not Dishwasher or Microwave Safe
  • Ships from Nashville, TN

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Enjoy the beauty of Morocco with this Moroccan Traditional-Design Pottery Vase. If you love blue and white pottery, this is the vase for you! Imagine this tucked in a favorite spot in your home or office. A bright burst of color adds happiness to a room. This vase is crafted using ancient techniques passed from Moroccan craftsmen to their children. Timeless and meaningful, this is a lovely vase to add to any collection of ceramic pottery!

This bowl is brought to you from the Medina of Fes in Morroco. Here you will experience the beautiful colors, sights, and sounds of Morroco. It is such a special place it is designated a UNESCO World Heritage Center. Enjoy owning a piece of pottery from this special market!

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