Dainty Sterling Labradorite Pendant

SKU: SG-671


Believed by the Inuit to possess the essence of the Aurora Borealis, the Labradorite has the look of a night sky on fire. Beautiful rich blues and veins of dark colors send sparks across this stone. Ours is set in an oval of sterling silver, framed in the perfect amount of twists and beads to complete the look of this pendant. Select your favorite chain and this Dainty Sterling Labradorite Pendant will have your name all over it. Enjoy the beauty of this one.

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Isn’t this Dainty Sterling Labradorite Pendant magical? Rich deep blues swirl in this beautiful Labradorite oval stone. Set in the perfect frame of sterling silver, the delicate detail of twists and beads is the perfect accent for the beauty of the L. You will look lovely in this dark and romantic pendant. Add your favorite chain to personalize the look.

Material: Sterling Silver and Labradorite
Dimensions: Total Drop: .813″ x Width: .438

Chain Sold Separately


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