Tree of Life Incense Burner

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This Tree of Life Incense Burner is a work of art all on it’s own. The color transition from sky to tree to earth against a lovely rendering of the Tree of Life makes this a gift to treasure.


This Tree of Life Incense Burner is a work of art.  There is a transition in color from the top of the tree through the roots. Look at the beautiful deep teal blue slide into a rich red and then a brownish orange at the tree’s roots. It’s sky, tree and earth. It means something. This soapstone plate is worth owning for art’s sake! But we are going to suggest adding the scent of incense because this plate is made for that. Have you used incense before? It is a wonderful thing, a throwback to a time when a swirling sweet scent moved through the air. Trust us, rest your favorite incense stick on this Tree of Life Incense Burner, sit back and Zen!

Dimensions: 4 inches in diameter

Material: Soapstone

Due to the handmade nature of this product, colors will vary • Incense sold separtely


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Sherrie Smith

Very nice I haven't used it yet