Thuya Wood Moroccan Box

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Thuya is an aromatic, exotic wood harvested from a special tree indigenous to Morocco. Grown exclusively in the Middle Atlas Mountains, thuya (too-ya) has been revered since Roman times both for its gorgeous burled grain and splendid aroma. The skills necessary to craft thuya wood are most often passed down through the family. Fathers teach their sons every careful step needed to create each piece. The polishing (using a blend of lemon and oils) often takes as long as the actual construction.


The exquisite design on the top of this Thuya Wood Moroccan Box is inlaid with lemon wood and abalone. A uniquely burled and highly hand polished box. Handcrafted. Made for you.

Dimensions: 4″ x 4″ x 2″

Material: Thuya Wood with Lemon Wood and Abalone Inlay

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