Sun Plate Incense Burner

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This Incense Burner Sun Plate, while made to hold your incense sticks or cones, is a beautiful multicolor piece that stands alone.


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This Sun Plate Incense Burner is beautiful all on it’s own. Look at all the colors that move across the sun, glowing from warm reds and oranges to cool greens. And the sun face on this soapstone plate, with waving swirls of heat surrounding it is just beautiful. The plate is worth owning for art’s sake. But we are going to suggest adding the scent of incense because this plate is made for that. Have you used incense before? It is a wonderful thing, a throwback to a time when a swirling sweet scent moved through the air. Trust us, rest your favorite incense stick on this Sun Plate Incense Burner , sit back and Zen!

Dimensions: 4 inches in diameter

Material: Soapstone

Due to the handmade nature of this product, colors will vary • Incense sold separately