Sterling Triskelion-Trinity Pendant

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The Triskelion has a timeless look. And unless you knew the background of this Irish symbol, you might think it was a bit of modern art. But the symbol of three is a powerful one, thousands of years old. Our Sterling Triskelion-Trinity Pendant holds the power of three, eternal, and beautiful.

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Our Sterling Triskelion-Trinity Pendant carries a symbol that is thousands of years old, the symbol of three! The Triskelion is often related to the Shamrock or Clover in Irish mythology and is considered a symbol of eternity. Surrounding this are Celtic Knots, another beautiful Irish symbol of interconnectedness and eternity. This pendant is full of Irish magic, simple, and compelling. A beautiful gift for both men and women.

Material: Sterling Silver

Dimensions: Pendant Height: 14 mm

Chain Sold Separately

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