Silver Sand Dollar Pendant

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In tales of long ago, Sand Dollars are the coins used by Mermaids. Washed up on the shore, lost by the bright and beautiful ocean dwellers.

In Christian stories, the five marks on the top of the Sand Dollar represent the wounds of Christ when on the cross and the star in the middle is the star of Bethlehem.  On the back of the Sand Dollar is the Poinsettia, often called the Christmas flower. Broken open, the five “doves” are said to release good will and peace into the world. Such beautiful meaning to a Sand Dollar find.

This pendant offers the detail behind the stories, Sterling Silver Sand Dollar Pendant, beautiful and full of significance.


Our Silver Sand Dollar Pendant is a bit of sterling perfection! Do you love ocean life? Here’s the charm you need to feel that beach feel every day!

Material: Sterling Silver

Dimensions: Height: 27 mm (1.1 inches)

Chain Sold Separately

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Mary Jane Randlett
loved the jewelry

my package finally arrived safely in Canada! Many thanks- loved all the jewelry pieces!

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