Sterling & Amethyst Keepsake Pendant

SKU: SG-1085A


A keepsake is a gift given as a loving memory. To remember someone special, a perfect moment, a romantic day. Our Sterling & Amethyst Keepsake Pendant showcases a purple amethyst set in delicate sterling silver. Will it honor a birthday? A special friend? You know the importance of this gift and she will, too. A lovely and meaningful gesture to someone you care for so much!

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Our Sterling & Amethyst Keepsake Pendant is a beautiful throwback to a time long ago. A Victorian keepsake, given to a loved one to remember you. Delicate and thoughtful, our sterling silver keepsake is made for the Amethyst lover. The birthstone of February, this beautiful rich jewel is loved by many. Set in an old-fashioned silver frame, it’s the perfect gift for the one you love.

Material: Sterling Silver and Amethyst

Dimensions: Length: 35 mm X Width: 15 mm

Chain Sold Separately

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