Sandalwood Beard Balm



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Size: 2 oz.

Made  by artisan soap maker Cynthia Hughes

Ingredients: Coconut Oil • Organic Beeswax • Shea Butter • Vitamin E • Fragrance


Sandalwood Beard Balm. Staying in? Stay groomed! So you may not realize that chin hair is as important as scalp hair? But it is! Beards can get dry and brittle. And chins can get dry and flaky.  Adding a small amount of our beard balm will moisturize those important areas.  So rub it in. Take extra time and give your facial hair some love and a massage. Give someone else’s beard some love and a massage. Just ask first, okay? And when you come out of your man cave, you will shine with Seasons Bath and Body’s Sandalwood Beard Balm!

For best results, grab a pea-sized drop of balm into your hands and gently rub to melt. Use your hands to gently massage into your beard, working up and into your chin and sideburns to soothe that dry skin. For  extra long man beards, repeat with more balm.

Balms provide more gloss and offers more shape to your beard and moustache. Our balm contains high quality, organic ingredients that will make your beard parts feel smooth and look groomed. Made in small batches, our balm  contains: Coconut Oil, Organic Beeswax, Shea Butter, Vitamin E and Fragrance. Contains no Phthalates, Palm Oil or Parabens.

Groom up!