Saguaro Cactus Sterling Earrings

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We love the Saguaro. It grows in the middle of no man’s land, strong and determined. Then it sticks out those arms, okay that doesn’t happen all that fast but hey, when they do!? It’s a cactus with serious creativity! If you love the desert, love the history of this amazing cactus, these are the earrings for you.


You know you love them. If you know anything about the Saquaro, you already love these Saguaro Cactus Sterling Earrings. Here’s a cactus with history. It’s strong, sturdy and just about eternal. And it has a real bite to it, do not touch! But it also welcomes the owls who nest in them so it has a soft side. Yes, we are a bit sentimental over these. Here’s your pair.

Dimensions: WxHxD 0.31 x 0.79 x 0.04 in (Total Drop: .79 in)

Material: Sterling Silver

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