Pear Rainbow Moonstone Pendant



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The Rainbow Moonstone is a beautiful stone with the look of an ice-blue fire. Since ancient times, the moonstone is connected to the magic of the moon and was used as an amulet of protection for travelers and a gift of lovers for passion. You can feel that passion when you get lost in the colors of this Pear Rainbow Moonstone Pendant. Set in a twist of sterling silver, this stone glows!


The look of magic in our Pear Rainbow Moonstone Pendant. Rich blues and silvers shimmer in the unique shape of this pendant. Set in a twist of sterling silver, here are all the colors you love in a Rainbow Moonstone. Add your favorite chain to complete the look!

Material: Sterling Silver and Rainbow Moonstone
Dimensions: Total Drop: 1.18 inches by Width: .787 inches

Chain Sold Separately

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