Peace Signs Wind Chime

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Enjoy the sound of these soft bells, the wind gently stirring the chimes. A bit of peace, well needed. A little backyard oasis. Hang these Peace Signs Wind Chimes in your garden and add beauty and soft chimes to your outdoor space. This charming wind chime garden décor is the perfect addition for any front porch, back patio, or yard. A simple way to bring joy to any living space!



Add to the beauty of your outdoor space with these Peace Signs Wind Chime. A trio of peace symbols adds an artistic open design. Contrasting camel bells and bright beads add a lovely dimension. And gentle chimes will bring an extra sense of peace while enjoying all that nature offers.

Iron Peace Chime with 13 camel bells and beads.

Dimensions: Height: 26″ by Width: 5 in

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