Moroccan Wood Desk Valet

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  • Moroccan Wood Desk Valet
  • Pen Not Included
  • Handcrafted in Morocco
  • Material: Thuya Burl Wood
  • Dimensions: Length: 10″ x Width: 3.75″ x Height: 1.5″
  • Inside compartment is: Length: 7.75″ x  Width: 1.875″
  • Ships from Nashville, TN

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Thuya is an aromatic, exotic wood harvested from a special tree indigenous to Morocco. The special skills necessary to craft thuya wood are most often passed down through the family. Our Moroccan Wood Desk Valet shows the beautiful result of a timeless, handcrafted process.  The hand polishing by the artisans brings out the unique beauty and warm glow inherent in the thuya woods. This is an exquisite box, one that will be treasured for generations to come.

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