Moroccan Thuya Wood Elephant



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You have always loved elephants. And here is one more to love, beautiful on its own, made more special by its creation from Thuya Wood. Thuya is an aromatic, exotic wood harvested from a special tree indigenous to Morocco. The skills necessary to craft this wood are passed down through generations. The result of this handcrafted process is a beautiful, burled piece of natural art. Gift this Moroccan Thuya Wood Elephant to the elephant collector in your life and you will be sure to have given them a rich and unique piece of elephant art to add to their collection.




The natural beauty in the wood of this Moroccan Thuya Wood Elephant is a wonder. Celebrating life, he raises his trunk with joy, trumpeting his happy notes. But added to the joy is the story behind the piece. Crafted of rich and aromatic Thuya wood, this becomes nature celebrating nature. Handcrafted by artisans in Morocco, here is a piece to add to your collection!

Dimensions: From the tip of the trunk to the base: approx. 5 inches • From the tip of trunk to tail: approx. 5.5 inches

Material: Thuya Wood • Price of $14.95 is for one elephant.

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