Moroccan Thuya & Lemon Box



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Our Moroccan Thuya & Lemon Box is a beautiful work of art that will hold your special treasures. This lovely box is handcrafted by Moroccan artisans, carefully carved, and polished to perfection. Each box is unique, with variations in wood and color that will be yours alone. If you are looking for something special to add beauty to any room, this is a box that will always deliver. Elegant craftsmanship makes this box one you won’t want to miss!


Made from the aromatic Thuya Wood and the lemon trees grown in Morocco, this inlaid Moroccan Thuya & Lemon Box is a functional piece of art to store some of your favorite treasures! The yellow wood is from the lemon trees as is the black wood which is stained a darker color.

Keeping in mind the handcrafted artisan nature of this box, each pattern of inlay will vary slightly yet be similar to what is shown here.

Material: Thuya Wood & Lemon Wood

Dimensions: Length: 4.75″ x Width: 3.5″ x  Height: 1.875 • Inside Compartments: 2.625″ x 2″

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