Moroccan Small Sliding Box

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This Moroccan Small Sliding Box is a conversation piece! It is made from Thuya wood, an aromatic, exotic wood harvested from a special tree indigenous to Morocco. Take a look at the top of the box and you can see the beauty of the wood, highly polished to perfection. The skill needed to create this stunning box is handed down through generations. To open this box, put your hand on top of the box and give it a little twist. Almost magically you will see the two drawers slide out! Need a visual? Tap the picture to be taken to a quick video how-to! Twist it back and watch the drawers close. Here’s a piece to add to your office desk, library, or as an elegant jewelry box.

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Our Moroccan Small Sliding Box holds secrets! Beautifully handcrafted with a special twist to unleash its inner magic! The look of this box is rich and exotic. One that has the feel of time past. This exquisite burled box is a gorgeous addition to a room or give this box as a gift to be cherished forever.

Material: Thuya Wood and Lemon Wood inlay

Dimensions: Length: 5.875 in x Width: 3 in x Height: 2 in

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