Moroccan Medium Sliding Box



Put your hand on top of this stunning Moroccan Medium Sliding Box and give it a little twist. Almost magically you will see the two drawers slide out! Twist it back and watch them close! Need a visual? Tap the picture to be taken to a quick video how-to! This lovely, handcrafted, aromatic box will be one that is cherished for generations to come.

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Our Moroccan Medium Sliding Box is a stunning conversation piece! Crafted from Thuya wood, an aromatic, exotic wood harvested from a special tree native to Morocco, the scent is delicious. The skills necessary to craft this wood are passed down through generations. each careful step needed to create each box including intricate hand polishing with lemon oils. This Moroccan Medium Sliding Box comes with art and history and is now yours. A beautiful and authentic box that you will cherish and hand down to generations to come.

Material: Thuya Wood and Lemon Wood inlay

Dimensions: Length: 6.8125 in x Width: 3.5 in x Height: 2.25 in

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