Moroccan Fossil Elephant Sculpture



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  • Moroccan Fossil Elephant Sculpture Made in Morocco
  • Dimensions: Length: 5″ x Width: 2.5″ x Height: 1″
  • Made from stone in the desert of Morocco with pieces of ancient fossil. Look closely on the back side of the elephant and you will see those fossil sections
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Behold the captivating allure of this cute Moroccan Fossil Elephant Sculpture, a remarkable piece that seamlessly blends ancient history with artistic craftsmanship. Carved from the rich, fossilized stone of the Moroccan desert, this sculpture exudes a timeless elegance that pays homage to the majestic elephants of bygone eras.

As you trace your fingers along the sculpture’s surface, you’ll feel the cool, smooth touch of time-weathered stone, a tangible connection to the geological history encapsulated within. This is a perfect gift for the elephant lover in your life!

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