Moroccan Berber Sterling Earrings



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These earrings have the  symbols of the Tuareg tribe in North Africa. The circles on these earrings are the tracks of the Jackal and the lines representing Wind and Direction. These Moroccan Berber Sterling Earrings are handcrafted by the Berbers and are beautifully created works of sterling silver art. Traditionally, these are worn at weddings along with other jewelry such as headdresses, bracelets and necklaces. Moroccan jewelry is a wonderfully, magical, decorative way to adorn any outfit. Add this pair to dress up your look!


Sterling Silver and handcrafted, our Moroccan Berber Sterling Earrings are a wonder. If you are looking for a unique pair of earrings, look no further. These are a special and enduring gift!

Material: Sterling Silver

Dimensions: Length: 1 inch X Width: .5625

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