Moroccan Berber Medallion Bracelet



This spectacular Moroccan Berber Medallion Bracelet is crafted by hand and delicately etched with unique Berber tribal patterns. The texture and contrasts created by the sterling silver craftsmanship add a rich history to a stunning piece of jewelry. The fine detail continues all through the sterling cuff, offering perfect beauty in a jewelry piece.

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Discover the handcrafted magic of Morocco’s finest jewelry artisans when you wear this Moroccan Berber Medallion Bracelet. Beautifully crafted by the unique Berber tribal etching patterns, it is a  design and tribal history masterpiece. There is such rich detail in the Berber work that every piece of their jewelry is a showpiece.

Material: Sterling Silver (not all Berbers stamp their sterling silver. However, we buy when we are in Morocco and have each piece acid tested to ensure it is sterling silver before purchasing)
Handcrafted by Berber Artisans in Morocco
Dimensions: See Gallery Images with Dimension Markings

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