Double Heart Stud Earrings

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Polished sterling silver ear studs featuring a pair of heart shapes: the top one rests on the earlobe when worn, the bottom one dangles below the ear linked with the first one via a long silver stick. Love is a popular theme in jewelry, thus this beautifully manufactured and affordable pair of 925 silver heart earrings has all the potential to be a good seller.

Approx. weight 1.46 g
Dimensions (WxHxD) 10x38x1 mm
Jewelry Themes Love & Hearts, Stylish & Modern, Teens – Young Adults
Material Polished Sterling Silver, Stamped Silver
Shape Heart, Heart Open


The finest sterling silver & gemstone jewelry!




With its branches reaching into the sky, and roots deep in the earth, the Tree of Life bridges life above and below with the present.  It represents family, prosperity, and knowledge – a precious symbol to remind us of our connection with each other and the universe.

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Sterling silver is the brightest of all the precious metals. Over the years, the popularity and value of sterling silver has never faded. Today, more than ever, the jewelry industry has made way for more choices among sterling silver jewelry designs. We are proud to bring our collection to you.


Stones of all kinds have played a very important part of the history of humans. Be sure to shop our beautiful selection of gemstone and sterling silver earrings. We carry a lovely selection of Amethyst, Turquoise, Onyx and more!

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