Delicate Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

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The Rainbow Moonstone is such a beautiful stone and while it looks like a white mountain crystal, its movement causes the flash of a white-blue glow. Said to enhance intuition, provide protection & attract love, this is a cherished gem. Since Ancient times, Moonstone is connected to the magic of the moon and was used as an amulet of protection for travelers and a gift of lovers for passion. Glittering, hand cut rainbow moonstone adds such beauty to this delicate pair of dangle earrings. Feminine, beautiful and you.


Glittering, Rainbow Moonstones add attention-grabbing glamour to these Delicate Rainbow Moonstone Earrings. A simple stone with creamy fire, this adds a spark to any look!

Material: Sterling Silver and Rainbow Moonstone

Dimensions: Length: 31 mm x Width: 10 mm

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