Carnelian & Sterling Silver Bracelet



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This Carnelian & Sterling Silver Bracelet adds an extra pop of color to any outfit with its beautiful red-orange hues. Ancient Egyptians called carnelians “the setting sun” and one look at the fire in these stones will show you why. The stone symbolizes bold energy, warmth, and joy.  Known for being a stone of courage, endurance, energy, leadership, and motivation, consider this Carnelian & Sterling Silver Bracelet your power look!


Such passion in this Carnelian & Sterling Silver Bracelet! This stone captivates the spirit in much the same way that the flash of a fiery sunset or the first blaze of sunset on an autumn forest touches the heart. An abundance of beautiful orange-red beads graces this bracelet. Set in cooling sterling silver, this bracelet will add a stunning pop of color to your look.

Material: Sterling Silver and Carnelian
Dimensions: 6 mm beads • 7″ and extends to 8″

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